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April 21, 2023
Savannah Seminar 2023 | First Liberty Institute

by Jorge Gomez • 4 min read

Every year, students from across the country attend the Savannah Seminar, sponsored by First Liberty’s Center for Religion Culture and Democracy. Through this program, our student Fellows immerse themselves in a week-long experience to expand their knowledge of history, political thought, and perhaps the most important concept of human development and flourishing: religious liberty.

The 2023 Seminar featured a group of 16 student Fellows who traveled to the culturally-diverse and historic city of Savannah, Georgia.

This five-day program gives high-achieving young leaders a special opportunity to hear, meet and network with the best and brightest minds advancing a classically liberal worldview today.

Our Fellows participate in thought-provoking lectures presented by leading experts in their fields. They’re exposed to a wide range of scholars and experts in political science, economics, and public policy. Fellows also have the privilege of hearing from many of First Liberty’s leaders and attorneys. Lectures are complemented by challenging and interactive discussions. This exchange of ideas covers a variety of topics related to the American founding, democratic ideals, and the important role that religious ideas and institutions play in the development of free and flourishing societies.

Fellows not only deepen their understanding of the foundational concepts America is built on, but also learn how they can take those concepts and make an impact in their careers and communities.

Founded in 1733 as the British colonial capital of Georgia, Savannah is the perfect venue, as it was home to early American experiments in pluralism, religious liberty and civil society. Outside of the lecture halls, Fellows are led and escorted through some of Savanna’s most historic and scenic areas. Their knowledge is brought to life as expert tour guides weave them through the cobblestone streets and Spanish moss-soaked city squares to explore and discuss the city’s deep, rich history that’s best known for its manicured parks, horse-drawn carriages and antebellum architecture.

The next generation will soon lead our country and will carry the great responsibility of preserving its heritage of religious liberty for all. Like never before, they must be prepared to fight for our first freedom.

Our Savannah Seminar—as well as many of the top-notch educational initiatives offered through the CRCD—are among the most important investments for our country. This is how we can ensure America’s future lawyers, teachers, CEOs, politicians, and influencers have an opportunity to learn first-hand the value of religious freedom and be equipped to defend it. Developing a new generation of bold religious freedom advocates is how First Liberty will continue winning not just in the courtroom, but also in our culture.

When we read or hear about statistics for younger generations, it can feel as if hope is evaporating. But anyone who spends time with our Fellows is sure to tell you there’s incredible hope for the future. A passion for freedom, the rule of law and the Constitution is living and breathing in each of these bright, young leaders.

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