5th Grader Holds Three Prayer Club Meetings at School

June 14, 2024
Prayer Club Banned | First Liberty Insider

by Jorge Gomez • 3 min read

Really encouraging news for our fifth-grade client, Laura. She has now held three prayer club meetings at her elementary school—and they’ve been a huge success!

Anywhere from 25 to 30 students attended each, which is an incredible turnout for an elementary club meeting on Monday mornings.

Praise God for answered prayers!

Here’s a quick update from attorney Kayla Toney. She shares how the first meeting went and how First Liberty was able to make sure Laura could live out her faith:

Last month, the Issaquah School District announced it would allow Laura and other students to start an interfaith prayer club. The school previously denied the fifth grader’s request, even though it promoted more than a dozen non-religious clubs. Just two weeks after First Liberty attorneys sent a letter explaining how the First Amendment applies, the school district changed course.

“We are very pleased that the Issaquah School District is allowing our clients to start a prayer club at their school this spring,” said Toney. “Religious discrimination is not only against the law; it is especially harmful against young children.”

What a tremendous and encouraging victory for this young student.

Laura has said prayer is incredibly important to her. She says the prayer club will help her friends from many different faiths who feel marginalized. She wanted to make sure students like her could have a place at school where they feel safe and welcome.

This is a great example of the impact of our Supreme Court victory in the Coach Kennedy case. It’s a reminder that people of faith, including elementary school students, have a constitutional right to express their religious beliefs and pray, even in a public school setting.

Thank you for your generous and steadfast support. Every donation you make to First Liberty turns into real impact. You’re the one helping provide everyday American heroes with the best legal defense possible.

You share in this victory. You’re why Laura is now free to pray alongside her classmates and friends. That’s the impact of your gift.

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