Poll: Americans Vastly Dislike the Supreme Court Leak—and Resoundingly Oppose Court-Packing

May 27, 2022
Fli Insider | Court Packing is Wrong

by Jorge Gomez • 4 min read

After the recent leak of the Supreme Court draft opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson, Americans are not convinced about the radical calls to “reform” the U.S. Supreme Court.

First Liberty commissioned a Mason-Dixon poll. The survey asked 1,100 Americans: Do you support or oppose amending the U.S. Constitution to change the structure of the U.S. Supreme Court?

64% said they oppose restructuring the Supreme Court.

The survey also asked their opinions on court-packing. It reminded Americans that for over 150 years, the Supreme Court has had nine justices. It clarified to them that “court-packing” is generally defined as increasing the number of Supreme Court seats, primarily to alter the ideological balance of the court. It asked Americans: Do you support or oppose “court-packing”?

65% said they oppose altering the number of Supreme Court seats.

Americans are resoundingly rejecting the plot to overthrow the Supreme Court. It also appears there are still many in our country who value the Court and its traditions. Americans were also asked about the recent leaked draft opinion:

“Within the last two weeks, a draft opinion being circulated regarding a major case before the U.S. Supreme Court was leaked to the media, something that has never happened before in the history of the country. Do you approve or disapprove of the leaking of this Supreme Court document?”

An overwhelming 73% said they disapproved of the leak.

As First Liberty President Kelly Shackelford told The Wall Street Journal: “This is a resounding message—the American people do not want Court packing. They do not want leaks. They strongly reject these attacks on our Court and the rule of law.”

This results also suggest a vast number of Americans are not fooled. On the contrary, it indicates that people view the court “reform” scheme for what it really is: a brazen power-grab. They’ve discerned that court-packing is nothing more than a politically motivated scheme to advance the agenda of the majority party.

Court-packing is dangerous. It threatens the integrity and independence of the Supreme Court. If implemented, the result would be catastrophic for our country. It would be the gateway to tyranny, the beginning of an America where religious liberty and all other freedoms granted by God are denied by the heavy hand of government.

In the fight to preserve the integrity and independence of our nation’s judiciary, the results above are a very positive development—and they come at an incredibly important time. Court-packing advocates are more emboldened than ever. They are not going to stop until they get their way.

Americans need to stand firm and make it clear: We the People firmly oppose a Supreme Court Coup.

More than 400,000 Americans have already made their voice heard by joining First Liberty’s national coalition of patriots who are saying “NO!” to court-packing. With your help, we’ve already made a tremendous impact in stopping this radical proposal.

WE URGE YOU: Please share the truth about court-packing with your family, friends and coworkers. More Americans need to know the threat this scheme poses to our liberties. Together, we can help save the priceless heritage of the Supreme Court.

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