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January 19, 2024
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No More Keeping Parents in the Dark

Attorney Kayla Toney wrote an op-ed for WORLD discussing a friend-of-the-court brief we submitted in the U.S. Supreme Court case John and Jane Parents 1 v. Montgomery County. We’re asking the Court to hear this case, which deals with parents’ rights to raise their children consistent with their faith and without the government overriding them. Toney explains:

“Despite our country’s divisions, there is a remarkable consensus among Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, and Christian families: religious parents should be allowed to raise their children in keeping with their faith. Sadly, some government officials in our nation’s public schools disagree—and over 18,000 schools have policies that hide crucial information about students who are seeking gender transitions from their own parents.

The Free Exercise Clause protects parents’ ability to raise their children in accordance with their sincerely held religious beliefs, and that applies in public school, too. Yet families from diverse faith backgrounds are deeply concerned that stealthily adopted gender identity policies are violating their religious exercise and parental rights by concealing crucial information from them about their own children.”

Learn more about this case here.

First Liberty Attorney Speaks at the Federalist Society

In Oklahoma, First Liberty is helping defend the nation’s first religious charter school. Radical activists—as well as high-ranking state leaders—sued. Why? Because they think it was unconstitutional for the Oklahoma Statewide Virtual Charter School Board to approve St. Isidore of Seville Catholic Virtual School and will be unconstitutional for the Oklahoma State Department of Education to provide funding. We asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit.

First Liberty Executive General Counsel Hiram Sasser led an expert panel this week at The Federalist Society and gave an update on this ongoing case. He was joined by Michael McGinley, partner at the high-ranking law firm Dechert LLP and former Associate Counsel and Special Assistant to the President in the White House.

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