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April 12, 2024
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CRCD Kicks Off Annual Savannah Seminar

This week, First Liberty’s Center for Religion Culture & Democracy kicked off its Savannah Seminar.

Every year, a group of students from across the country travel to the culturally diverse and historic city of Savannah, Georgia. They immerse themselves in a five-day experience to expand their knowledge of history, political thought, and perhaps the most important concept of human development and flourishing: religious liberty.

This program gives high-achieving young leaders a special opportunity to hear, meet and network with the best and brightest academic leaders in the country.

Keep an eye out for upcoming articles in the newsletter. We’ll update you on how this year’s program went, along with more photos.

First Liberty Insider | 2024 Savannah Seminar Preview

Easter Eggs and the ‘Lemon Test

Read Senior Counsel Lea Patterson’s op-ed published at the Washington Times.

She discusses the recent controversy surrounding the Biden administration’s apparent decision to ban religious themes from the White House’s annual children’s Easter Egg decorating contest:

“Apparently…the policy banishing ‘religious themes’–i.e. the actual reason for Easter–didn’t come from the President, but from something called the American Egg Board.  And the ‘non-discrimination’ policy ensuring that a nefarious cross or drawing of Jesus didn’t wind up on a child’s egg has been around for over 40 years…However, along with other restrictions, the Egg Board prohibits designs that ‘include any questionable content, religious symbols, overtly religious themes, or partisan political statements.’

Watching the Solar Eclipse Together

On Monday, our team took a few moments to watch the solar eclipse together.

Our Dallas headquarters are located right on the eclipse’s path. We had an incredible view of this once-in-a-lifetime event. Check out these great photos taken by our staff!

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