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May 17, 2024
Around the Institute | FLI Insider

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Fifth Grader Speaks Out After Winning Case to Start Interfaith Prayer Club at School

Watch our client Laura and attorney Kayla Toney on Fox News @ Night discussing the 11-year-old’s fight to start an interfaith prayer club at her school after previously having her request denied.

Ohio Church Helping Homeless Faces Religious Discrimination

Attorney Ryan Gardner published an op-ed for The Toledo Blade discussing the City of Bryan, Ohio’s ongoing harassment of Dad’s Place Church and Pastor Chris Avell. Gardner writes:

“Over the last six months, Pastor Chris and Dad’s Place have been subjected to multiple criminal charges, surprise fire inspections by the city, and an ever-moving goalpost from the city as to how the church can comply with the city’s ordinances….Compassion should never be criminalized, nor should any pastor ever face the choice between living out his faith or sitting in a jail cell. If we are to make any progress towards solving the problem of homelessness sweeping the nation, the church must be free to be the church and to help the hurting and desperate in the way only a church can.”

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