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October 20, 2023
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Uniting In Prayer for College Students

Our client Tonya Prewitt wrote an op-ed for WORLD discussing recent attacks on Auburn football Coach Hugh Freeze because he went to a worship event on campus. Tonya led the Unite Auburn worship gathering last month. She writes:

“My attorneys at First Liberty Institute tell me that Christians—even college football coaches at Auburn University—doing Christian things at a Christian event is protected by the Constitution. Religious liberty would mean precious little if it were restricted to whispers within the four walls of our houses of worship or relegated to broom closets…Know that as you pray and as God moves on your campus, the freedoms enshrined in the First Amendment protect your right to exercise your religion.”

10 Things: Religious Liberty Headlines Around the Country

In addition to our cases, there’s a lot happening from coast to coast. Here are several important religious liberty stories from this week:

Baptist News: Oklahoma school board allows nation’s first publicly funded religious charter school, despite legal challenges

ABC News 8 Tulsa: State Superintendent Walters promises to continue fight for religious freedom in schools

Christianity Today: Fellowship of Christian Athletes Let Back in San Jose Schools After Court Rejects District’s ‘Double Standard’ Troops Suing Defense Department over Vaccine Mandate Reach $1.8 Million Settlement

The Christian Post: Should Christians take their money out of banks that don’t share their values?

Catholic News Agency: Biden Health and Human Services imposes trans pronoun mandate on employees

Deseret News: Where do Freedom of Religion and Free Speech Meet?

The Christian Post: Teacher forced to remove cross, Bible verse from classroom after atheist group complains

The Christian Post: Judge sides with Christian teacher, rejects ‘new secular faith’ of ‘transgenderism’

California State Senate: Governor Approves Senator Dave Cortese’s Bill Protecting Inmate Religious Practices

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