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March 8, 2024
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A weekly roundup of exciting things happening at First Liberty.

Update from Kelly: What’s Happening at First Liberty This March

Protecting religious liberty in schools for students and their families, teachers and even school board members continues to be a critical battleground for our nation.

Learn more about our exciting cases involving education with this March update from our President and CEO Kelly Shackelford.

Please Pray for Our Client Robyn Strader and Our Attorneys

Please be in prayer for First Liberty’s legal team and our client Robyn Strader. CVS fired her because of her religious beliefs. We participated in important depositions this week. During these depositions, attorneys for the other side got to conduct an extended on the record questioning of our client.

We’re in the thick of a federal court battle against CVS and the stakes couldn’t be higher. A hostile corporate culture is now governing our nation’s companies from the boardroom to the break room, and it’s forcing people of faith to choose between their job and their faith.

Robyn needs your ongoing support. Winning her case could impact millions of religious employees across the country.

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