Behind the Scenes at First Liberty: Celebrating Together with Gerald Groff

June 30, 2023
FLI Insider | Groff Victory Pics

by Jorge Gomez • 3 min read

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of our Faithful Carrier Gerald Groff. This is a tremendous victory for our client that will have far-reaching impact across every workplace in America. The ruling strengthens legal protections for employees seeking religious accommodations and is a wake-up call for “woke” corporations who’ve been driving religious employees into the shadows.

To celebrate this landmark win together, we want to share a series of special “behind the scenes” photos of the vibrant atmosphere in our workplace the day the ruling came down:

You can also watch Gerald and our legal team’s reaction just moments after the Court announced its decision:

As we celebrate, we’d also like to extend our gratitude to several people who worked side by side with First Liberty to make this victory a reality.

First, please join us in thanking Aaron Streett, our volunteer attorney argued before the justices in April. Aaron is no stranger to arguing a case at the highest level. He has argued before the U.S. Supreme Court, the Texas Supreme Court and various federal and state appellate courts across the country. By God’s grace and thanks to your prayers and spiritual support, Aaron’s decades of preparation and experience were able to shine through.

We would also like to thanking our friends and co-counsel Randall Wenger of the Independence Law Center and Alan Reinach of the Church State Council. These elite, veteran attorneys invested countless hours to bring Gerald’s case before the nation’s highest court. This victory is the result of their many years of effort and hard legal work. Their expertise and contributions on this case are invaluable.

Of course, we cannot say thank you enough to you, our faithful supporters, for your prayers and encouragement. This is your win. You made it happen. Thank you for standing strong alongside Gerald and First Liberty. We could not have achieved this Supreme Court triumph without you.

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