City Violates Court Order, Files Criminal Charges Against Pastor (Again!)

May 3, 2024
Pastor Chris Charged Again | First Liberty Insider

by Jorge Gomez • 3 min read

City officials in Bryan, Ohio recently filed criminal charges against Pastor Chris Avell…AGAIN. They simply will not stop harassing Dad’s Place Church.

The Mayor and city officials are blatantly violating a January court order that made clear the city could not take any enforcement actions against the church.

About a week ago, police and fire officials showed up at Dad’s Place at 5:30 am for an unannounced inspection and alleged fire code violations. They threatened fines of $1,000 per day if the church does not immediately halt its 24-hour ministry to people in need.

Less than 48 hours after that surprise inspection, they filed the criminal charges.

The city has been hostile toward Dad’s Place ever since Mayor Carrie Schlade decided to launch a crusade against the church’s 24/7 ministry last year. This is the second time the city has criminally charged Pastor Chris and tried to shut down his ministry.

The city’s mistreatment of Pastor Chris is outrageous, discriminatory and illegal.

That’s why First Liberty went back to court to fight for Pastor Chris. Our attorneys had a hearing before a federal judge on Monday to make sure this unlawful harassment stops.

Here’s attorney Ryan Gardner explaining more about what’s going on with this case:

Pastor Chris isn’t breaking any laws.

Just like other pastors and churches have done throughout history, Pastor Chris is legally keeping his church open to care for those who walk through its doors.

What’s being done to Dad’s Place Church is wrong. Houses of worship in America should not be punished for serving the most vulnerable.

But the city has made it clear: this fight is far from over.

Thanks to your support, we successfully defended Pastor Chris and Dad’s Place earlier this year.

Now it’s time to stand and fight back against the City of Bryan again.

Can Pastor Chris and this church count on you?

Jeremy Dys and Pastor Chris Avell on Fox News @ Night

First Liberty Senior Counsel Jeremy Dys and Pastor Chris Avell appeared on Fox News on Monday. Watch Jeremy and Pastor Chris discuss the city’s ongoing harassment and attacks:

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