Court-Packing Could Come Back After 2024 Election, Biden Nominees Are Seriously Dangerous

May 3, 2024
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Federal judges make critical legal decisions about religious freedom and our other constitutional rights. First Liberty continues to monitor judicial nominees and to provide you with the facts about the ones with a radical or unacceptable record.

Here’s a quick roundup on judicial nominations and what’s happening across the federal courts.

Will We See a Renewed Push for Court-Packing After the 2024 Election?

With the 2024 Election only six months away, the radical Left continues attacking the U.S. Supreme Court. Along with many liberal media outlets, some of the most radical groups and politicians in the country are planting the seeds to stage a Supreme Court Coup in case things go their way at the ballot box.  

An MSNBC panel recently blasted President Joe Biden for not packing the Supreme Court or considering other “structural reforms.” Politico commentator and guest panelist Ankush Khardori said that not pursuing court reform would “go down as having been a historic political miscalculation” for the Biden administration. 

President Biden has previously said that he does not support court-packing. However, it was his administration that set up a Supreme Court Commission to explore court packing. The “bipartisan Presidential Commission”, overwhelmingly loaded with liberal commissioners, was set up not to determine if changes were needed, but how to change the Court.  

Plus, the President’s party has not ruled out the option of expanding the Court. According to National Review 

“More than 60 Democrats in Congress have openly backed measures to expand the size of the Supreme Court. Major Democratic-leaning interest groups, including the National Education Association, the country’s largest teachers’ union, have added Court expansion to their list of priorities. Vice President Kamala Harris has said she is “open” to Court-packing. Former House speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer have said that all Supreme Court–reform options are on the table.” 

Also, not a single Democrat in this Congress has yet chosen to support any of the proposed “Keep the Nine” Constitutional Amendments. Nor have they chosen to create their own. These measures, like the one introduced by Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, would amend the Constitution to ensure that neither party can ever manipulate the size of the Court for political advantage. 

 What will happen to the courts if President Biden remains in office and his party regains power of both chambers of Congress? 

 Will they… 

 Once again try to pack the Supreme Court? 

  • Double down and pursue radical changes to “restructure” our judicial system? 
  • Push for legislation to purge and force Supreme Court justices to retire? 
  • Give Congress power to create codes of conduct and strip away judicial independence? 

Americans need to be aware of how important their vote is come this November. The future of the Supreme Court and the rule of law are at stake.  

Court-packing—and the whole gambit of constitutionally suspect “reforms” we keep hearing about—wouldn’t just destroy the Supreme Court. These radical changes would put in peril the rule of law, our representative system of government, the Constitution and even our most cherished and foundational freedoms—starting with religious liberty. 

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The Current Administration’s Judicial Nominees Are a Genuine Threat to American Democracy

A Washington Examiner op-ed recently pointed out that “Biden’s judicial appointments do not embrace American values; they support radical, left-wing ideologies that run counter to the liberties this country was founded on.” 

“His radical and extremist appointments will have a devastating impact that will last far beyond Biden’s time in office,” warns author Christopher Tremoglie. 

First Liberty has been sounding the alarm and raising similar concern about the administration’s judicial nominees, particularly many who have a dismal record on religious liberty. We’ve documented at length multiple judicial picks who’ve worked or been endorsed by for some of the most radical, Left-wing advocacy organizations in the country, such as the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center, who is infamous for labeling political opponents as “hate groups” or “extremists.” (Learn more about those here and here).  

This is what we’ve seen throughout the Biden administration. The President has consistently selected nominees with alarming connections to extreme groups—and there are several in the pipeline right now who are on the verge of becoming federal judges for life.  

Most notable is Adeel Mangi, whose nomination has drawn considerable opposition because of his affiliation with certain groups, including the Rutgers Center for Security, Race and Rights—an organization that promotes anti-Semitism and praises terrorist groups.  

It’s the same for Nancy Maldonado, also nominated for a federal appeals court. She has ties to the far-Left progressive groups including Demand Justice, Alliance for Justice and the Raben Group and also sought advice from them related to her judicial nomination. 

Both Mangi and Maldonado are waiting for a confirmation vote by the Senate.  

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