2024 Election: The Future of the Supreme Court Could Be at Stake

April 12, 2024
2024 Election SCOTUS | First Liberty Insider

by Jorge Gomez • 7 min read

Election Day is a few months away. When you vote this November, you have a lot to consider. The economy, inflation, border security and crime are issues at the top of most Americans’ minds, according to recent poll data.

But there’s another essential reason to show up at the ballot box this fall: the U.S. Supreme Court.

Elections have consequences, the adage goes. And, in many ways, the Supreme Court is on the ballot. Why? Because right now the radical Left, politicians, and some of the most radical groups in the country, are engaged in a concerted, full-scale effort to stage a Supreme Court Coup.

They’re trying to wrest control of the nation’s highest court, whether it’s through court-packing, court purging, or a host of other constitutionally suspect ideas. At the end of the day, it’s all about grabbing more power.

Americans need to know all that’s being done to upend our courts and the rule of law. They should realize that what happens in November could embolden the far Left to double down on these dangerous proposals that would destroy our system of justice.

Full Court Press: Attacks From All Sides

The far Left wants to take control of the Supreme Court by any means necessary. In their own words, they’ve made clear that “everything is on the table.” That all-out attack is exactly what we’re witnessing today.

Headlines show a wave of attacks on the Supreme Court as an institution and on the justices themselves. For example, despite court-packing being wildly unpopular with the American people, there are still groups pushing to expand the Supreme Court.

Others are levying fabricated accusations against justices, supposed “ethics” scandals aimed at making Americans hallucinate misconduct. This line of attack has been happening for years. The Left wants to smear the credibility of the justices so they can also undermine the authority of the Court’s rulings as well. It’s clear what this is about: destroying the Court’s legitimacy.

Some are calling for constitutionally suspect proposals, like imposing 18-year term limits on justices and letting the President appoint a new justice every two years. Judicial term limits seem benign at first. But the truth is, it’s just court-packing under a different name. What’s really alarming is that the Left is already spending big money on ad campaigns.

We’ve even seen some very aggressive, violent and possibly illegal tactics. There have been protests outside judges’ homes, as well as direct threats on the lives of Supreme Court justices.

And if that weren’t enough, there’s even been talk of doing away with the Supreme Court’s power of judicial review. Others suggest getting rid of important legislative norms like the Senate filibuster, all so that they can get their way and push through these radical ideas to “reform” the Supreme Court.

As Election Day approaches, Americans should take note. Court “reform” is a lie. It needs to be exposed for what it really is: a brazen power grab. It’s all a politically motivated stunt to turn the judiciary into a rubber-stamp for the Left’s agenda.

How One Election Can Impact Our System of Justice

Elections can have a rippling effect on the courts. To better understand this, look back at the 2020 election. At the time, President Biden and his party gained control of the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives.

It was during the first couple of years of the Biden administration when this radical wave of proposals to overhaul the Supreme Court first emerged.

With political power, the President and his party tried their hand at court-packing. They introduced a bill in Congress to add four seats to the nation’s highest court, enough to flip the majority.

They even established a Supreme Court Commission to explore court packing. It was rigged from the start and overwhelmingly loaded with liberal commissioners. The commission was set up not to determine if changes were needed, but how to change the Court.

The Commission ended up stymied, in large part thanks to First Liberty’s national campaign educating millions of Americans. After months of deliberation, the Commission could not in good conscience recommend court-packing, and even directly cited First Liberty research and arguments in its final report.

Plus, court packing was wildly unpopular. Americans overwhelmingly rejected it. By this point, court-packing had practically met its demise.

Then, the 2022 Midterm Elections happened, showing us once again just how powerful electoral results can be. The power balance shifted in the House of Representatives, which meant divided government. This meant court-packing was effectively defeated, at least for one congressional term.

Now, the 2024 Election is looming and there are very important questions we must ask. What will happen to the courts if President Biden remains in office and his party regains power of both chambers of Congress?

Will they…

  • Once again try to pack the Supreme Court?
  • Double down and pursue radical changes to “restructure” our judicial system?
  • Push for legislation to purge and force Supreme Court justices to retire?
  • Give Congress power to create codes of conduct and strip away judicial independence?

If this Supreme Court Coup succeeds, it wouldn’t just destroy the Supreme Court. It would put in peril the rule of law, our representative system of government, the Constitution and even our most cherished and foundational freedoms—starting with religious liberty.

Your vote this November could be the deciding factor that helps stop this brazen power grab from happening. Who you vote for could help save the priceless heritage of America’s highest court.

First Liberty President, CEO and Chief Counsel Kelly Shackelford explained it best when he said this: “Fighting for religious freedom, or any constitutional freedom, means nothing if our system of justice is gone.

Free Resource: The Power to Change America is in Your Vote

There are many misconceptions about what rights and freedoms pastors and houses of worship have on political matters. Opponents of religious freedom often manipulate information to make you believe that politics and the pulpit may never converge, making faith-based organizations, churches, synagogues and everyday religious Americans fear legal ramifications if they mention or participate in politics.

But the truth is, that fear isn’t based on the law. It’s a scare tactic by those who want to silence people of faith and keep them from voicing their opinions and voting their values.

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