Radical Court Packing Would Have Devastating Consequences for America

June 30, 2023
FLI Insider | Supreme Court Coup Continues

by Jorge Gomez • 6 min read

The extreme Left’s assault on the U.S. Supreme Court is in full swing. Every day, a wave of attacks is directed against the judiciary or against individual justices, especially those committed to the Constitution and the rule of law. It’s clear that the Left is willing to destroy the Court, rather than have it remain outside its control.

As our experts warn, fighting for religious liberty and our constitutional rights means nothing if our highest court is hijacked and packed by power-hungry zealots. We simply cannot allow that to happen. There’s too much at stake. The fabric of our country and our constitutional system hangs in the balance.

That’s why First Liberty is going all in to expose the lie of court packing and educate Americans about the threat it poses to our Republic.

We first need to realize that radical politicians and activists are trying to take control over the Supreme Court by any means necessary. In their own words, “Everything is on the table.” Their scheme includes:

  • Court packing
  • Threatening justices
  • Fabricating “ethics” scandals
  • Unlawful protests outside justices’ homes
  • Court purging disguised as “term limits”
  • Spreading lies to erode public confidence
  • Ending legislative norms
  • Destroying judicial review

Proponents paint the picture of court “reform” as an act of goodwill. They argue that making “structural changes” to the judiciary is the answer to many of our country’s urgent problems. But make no mistake. Every one of these radical proposals comes with devastating consequences.

Court packing would distort the original intent of the judiciary. It would reduce our nation’s most trusted institution into a partisan tool, a tribunal of political hacks and politicians in robes waiting for instructions from party headquarters. It would destroy judicial independence, an essential element in the rule of law.

Fabricated “ethics” scandals are severely damaging the Court’s credibility. These so-called “ethics” crises are all about making Americans hallucinate misconduct. By raising questions about a justice’s character, the Left is seeking not only to undermine the authority of justices, but also the authority of their rulings. This is dangerous. It took centuries to build the Court’s legitimacy—and the Left is willing to destroy it overnight.

Term limits for justices appear benign, but defy the letter and spirit of the Constitution. It’s better to call it “court purging,” a blatant attempt to cancel justices. In addition to imposing 18-year term limits on justices, the Left is proposing giving the president the power to select a new justice every two years. Do not be deceived. This is simply court packing by a different name. It would effectively destroy the Court, two years at a time.

Threats of violence and intimidation against judges are harmful to the rule of law. These tactics are only bringing America one step closer to tyranny, or even outright anarchy. Americans are free to disagree with judicial opinions and have a constitutionally protected right to peacefully protest outside the Supreme Court. But crowding and marching outside justices’ homes to intimidate them is a step too far. It’s illegal and runs afoul to the values and principles of our justice system.

America’s most important legislative norms and judicial precedents could be destroyed by this court “reform” scheme. The Left proposed changing or eliminating the U.S. Senate filibuster, a necessary guardrail that protects our God-given rights from being taken away at a moment’s notice. They even tossed around the far-fetched idea of ending judicial review, a historic legal doctrine dating back to 1803 that empowers the Supreme Court to declare a law or executive order unconstitutional.

Share The Truth. Stop the Coup.  

The rule of law and our judicial system are bedrock principles that support our nation. But if the politically motivated Supreme Court Coup succeeds, the judiciary will become little more than a tool of whoever holds power. Judges will lose their ability to enforce the rule of law with impartiality, and the last safeguard to our civil liberties will be gone.

More than 500,000 patriots have joined our national coalition saying “NO” to court packing, “NO” to suspect judicial “reforms,” “NO” to the Supreme Court Coup.

If you have already signed joined our coalition, thank you! Our numbers are growing, but this fight is far from over and you can continue to make a huge difference.

We need YOU to help us share truth about radical court “reform” with your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. More Americans need to know the threat this scheme poses. We need to work together to help save the priceless heritage of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Let’s stand firm and make it clear: We the People firmly oppose the Supreme Court Coup.

FLI Insider | Stop the Coup


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