Don’t Believe the Court Packing Lies. Supreme Court Approval is Rising.

June 23, 2023
SCOTUS Approval Rating | First Liberty Institute

by Jorge Gomez • 5 min read

In its attempt to take control of the U.S. Supreme Court by any means, the radical Left wants to restructure or even pack it with liberals because it has—allegedly—”lost credibility” in the eyes of the American people.

But that’s just not true. Approval of the Supreme Court is rising, according to recent data from FiveThirtyEight. National polls show a steady upswing in the Court’s approval rating since January 2022.

The numbers also indicate rising approval of the Court among members of the Democratic Party, who have repeatedly called for court-packing, ethics codes, judicial term limits and other constitutionally suspect “reforms.” The “Supreme Court’s approval rating among Democrats increased by 10 points since mid-August 2022,” FiveThirtyEight reports.

Those pushing for a Supreme Court Coup frequently paint a caricature of the highest Court as hyperpartisan, “fractured” or “broken.” Considering the trends above, Americans should not believe these lies. Make no mistake: These claims are a politically motivated attempt to destroy the Court’s legitimacy and credibility with the public. These attacks and smear campaigns against the Court are all about undermining the authority of justices and the authority of their rulings.

Contrary to what the Left says, Americans support the Supreme Court and view our judicial system favorably. Although numbers for all branches have faltered in recent years, the judiciary consistently ranks as the most trusted branch of the federal government, according to Gallup.

The data above is consistent with a recent Mason-Dixon poll commissioned by First Liberty, which also shows that Americans highly value the Court and our system of justice.

A vast majority support judicial independence, and overwhelmingly reject the recent attempts to delegitimize and politicize the Courts. Polling data also makes clear that Americans oppose expanding the size of the Court and other far-reaching changes to the judiciary, as well the U.S. Senate’s recent attempt to create its own ethics code for Supreme Court Justices. For example:

  • 91% agree an independent judiciary safeguards our civil liberties
  • 76% oppose calls by politicians to disobey or disregard federal court orders
  • 72% believe political attacks threaten judicial independence
  • 69% said Congress taking over and setting rules for judicial ethics would violate the separation of powers
  • 68% of Americans reject the radical idea of court packing
  • 67% said protests at the homes of Supreme Court justices threaten judicial independence.
  • 59% oppose attacks by those who oppose recent Supreme Court decisions

Americans, do not be deceived by the Supreme Court Coup. It’s a brazen power grab. Some of the nation’s most radical politicians and activist organizations have made clear “everything is on the table” in this scheme. They want to rig the Court by any means necessary—even if it means destroying the Court’s legitimacy, something that’s taken centuries to build.

This radical scheme will not “restore balance” or “fix” the Court. This is simply one side of the political aisle trying to get around decisions it doesn’t like. When a ruling doesn’t go their way—or if they think the Court might rule against them—attacking the Supreme Court always seems to be the response.

Please join us in the critical effort to expose the lies of the Supreme Court Coup. We need YOU to share truth with your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. More Americans need to know the damage court-packing and attacks on the Court will have on our country. We need to work together to help save the priceless heritage of the U.S. Supreme Court.

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