Evaluating the Religious Freedom Record of the President’s Supreme Court Picks

September 18, 2020
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by Jorge Gomez, Senior Writer • 5 min read

The President recently released a list of possible nominees in the event that a vacancy arises on the U.S. Supreme Court in the near future.

For you and people of faith nationwide, the burning question is: Are these potential nominees committed to protecting our first and most essential freedom—religious freedom?

In this first edition of a special series, our legal experts have compiled a helpful overview and highlights of a couple of the names on the President’s list, with insights on their record and background as it relates to religious liberty.

Make sure to monitor upcoming Insider editions, as we’ll be releasing more expert analysis of other names in this recent addition to the Supreme Court shortlist.

Reclaiming religious liberty starts by having federal judges committed to the Constitution. With your financial support, First Liberty Institute continues to research and provide expert insight on the records of hundreds of judicial nominees.

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America is gripped by a fierce battle for our constitutional rights, making the appointment of federal judges a first priority in protecting our First Freedom.

2020 has been a tremendous opportunity for First Liberty to provide expert analysis to the administration and the U.S. Senate on the records of pending nominees—including any prospective nominees for a future Supreme Court seat.

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