First Liberty Kicks Off Summer Internship and Fellowship Programs

June 2, 2023
Class of '23 | First Liberty Institute

by Jorge Gomez • 4 min read

Summer is here, and we are excited to announce the start of our internship programs at First Liberty. We are welcoming 12 legal interns who will be working alongside our team of attorneys. Over the next couple months, each will have a unique opportunity to learn directly from the best lawyers and legal experts in the country defending religious liberty.

This intelligent group of students is pursuing degrees from highly respected law schools, including:

  • George Mason University
  • University of Alabama
  • Baylor University
  • Regent University
  • Texas A&M University
  • Southern Methodist University
  • University of Missouri
  • University of Louisville

Along with our legal interns, we are also welcoming four interns who will be supporting the organization’s marketing efforts. They will have an exceptional opportunity alongside our award-winning team of creative professionals who develop and deliver First Liberty’s digital and print content. They will assist in copywriting, content creation, social media, digital strategy and analytics, and developing organizational messaging. It is a perfect opportunity for students looking to become better communicators, expand their portfolio and gain real-world experience.

Meanwhile, our Center for Religion, Culture and Democracy is kicking off its summer-long Shaftesbury Fellowship. We’re excited to welcome 10 students for this exclusive, top-tier program.

The fellows are pursuing degrees in political science, history, legal studies, economics and religion from top schools, including University of Oklahoma, Mississippi State University, Thomas Aquinas College, Concordia University Chicago, University of Dallas, Faulkner University, and Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw.

The Shaftesbury Fellowship provides an opportunity for prospective graduate students to develop their understanding and deepen their specialized expertise in a variety of academic fields including theology, philosophy, politics, law, economics and history. They work one-on-one with an established scholar and will attend weekly reading seminars with leading academics. In July, they will travel to Boston to consider its rich history and attend lectures related to America’s colonial and revolutionary eras.

Next Gen Leaders: Investing in America’s Future

The next generation will soon lead our country and will carry the great responsibility of preserving its heritage of religious liberty for all. Like never before, they must be prepared to fight for our first freedom.

First Liberty’s President and CEO Kelly Shackelford explains, “Educating and training the next generation about religious liberty is among the most important investments for our country.”

Our summer internship programs—as well as many of the top-notch educational initiatives offered through our Center for Religion, Culture and Democracy—are crucial initiatives. This is how we can ensure America’s future lawyers, teachers, CEOs, politicians, and influencers have an opportunity to learn first-hand the value of religious freedom and be equipped to defend it. Developing a new generation of bold religious freedom advocates is how First Liberty will continue winning not just in the courtroom, but also in our culture.

When we read or hear about statistics for younger generations, it can feel as if hope is evaporating. But anyone who spends time with our fellows and interns is sure to tell you there’s incredible hope for the future. A passion for freedom, the rule of law and the Constitution is living and breathing in each of these bright, young leaders.

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