First Liberty Supporters Pray with Coach Kennedy on the 50-Yard Line

September 23, 2022
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by Jorge Gomez 4 min read

After securing a landmark victory at the U.S. Supreme Court this summer, Americans across the country have poured out their support for Coach Kennedy and First Liberty. Whether its students, teachers, coaches, parents, government leaders, pastors, business owners or people of various faiths, thousands have flooded Coach Kennedy with notes of encouragement thanking him for standing strong and not giving up on his faith.

First Liberty and Coach Kennedy want to express our gratitude for these heartfelt messages. Your prayers and continued encouragement show us that together we can keep winning the fight for religious freedom and restoring faith in America.

Below, you can watch a quick video of a recent First Liberty event, where many of our supporters took a knee in silent prayer next to Coach Kennedy. In it, you’ll see and hear Coach as he thanks everyone who had his back through this legal battle.

If you’ve closely followed this case, you know it was a long and arduous legal battle. Coach Kennedy had the courage to kneel and pray, knowing it would ultimately cost him his job. Never one to back down from a challenge, Coach endured nearly seven grueling years of litigation to restore his right to pray.

His case went up and down and back up again through the federal courts. Despite numerous setbacks, his courage and tenacity eventually took him to first and goal at the highest court in the land. Fighting in court for so many years wasn’t easy. For this, First Liberty owes a great debt of gratitude to you and everyone who gave Coach the spiritual support he needed. Today, thanks to your prayers and generosity, we’re celebrating a victory for Coach and a major win for religious freedom in America.

Here’s how many of our faithful supporters continue supporting, praying and encouraging Coach Kennedy in the aftermath of his Supreme Court triumph:

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Thank YOU for standing strong alongside Coach Kennedy and First Liberty all these years. Your ongoing prayers and financial support are the reason why our legal team can keep fighting—and winning—for courageous Americans like Coach Kennedy. You share in this victory. It’s as if your name is right there alongside Coach Kennedy on the final decision.

This precedent-setting decision for religious freedom will bear fruit for decades to come. It is one of the most important religious liberty victories in our generation. It wasn’t just a win that restored one high school football coach’s right to pray at the 50-yard line after games. The Court struck down a bad precedent and set a new one making it clear that government cannot censor private expression simply because it is religious. This is a historic ruling with nationwide impact on public-school teachers, employees and coaches, who can now freely live out their faith in public.

Thanks to this victory, Americans are now enjoying more religious freedom than they’ve had in 50 years. This is a major leap forward to bring back an America where our children and grandchildren are free to pray and live out their faith without the fear of being punished.

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