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January 8, 2021
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The current pandemic unsettled almost all facets of daily life for Americans. And almost a year into this crisis, it’s no secret that many state and local officials have shown their true colors in how they downgraded religious liberty and houses of worship to second-class status under the guise of a crisis.

Indeed, a crisis was created, one that threatened some of our most cherished constitutional liberties—especially religious freedom. Many houses of worship quickly innovated and adapted by going online. But in the face of unprecedented challenges, thousands closed their doors as local and state governments issued unconstitutional mandates to suspend in-person worship.

And though churches were told this was only temporary, a great number of churches and religious communities are still fighting an Essential Fight to reclaim their rights and liberties to hold safe in-person worship services.

This unprecedented experience—and the possibility that government abuses could repeat in future emergencies—left millions of Americans asking:

  • Are the Constitution and our First Amendment Freedoms suspended or canceled in times of crisis?
  • Do we forfeit our religious liberty whenever the government declares an emergency?
  • What legal protections and precedent exist to protect religious liberty and other fundamental constitutional freedoms during pandemics or future crises?

Get the answers to these and many more pressing questions with this new, FREE resource from First Liberty’s expert legal team: Religious Liberty in a Pandemic: What Gives?

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