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November 11, 2022
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Catch up on the latest and most important religious freedom headlines around the web.

Diversity is Vital to National Security – Except When It Isn’t

First Liberty attorney Mike Berry wrote an op-ed for The Hill discussing how “diversity” policies in the military seem to be inclusive only of certain groups, while excluding and alienating people of faith. Berry writes:

“It appears that some in our military apparently no longer value the contributions of Americans of faith. Despite the fact that Americans who identify as “highly religious” are significantly more likely to join the military than their nonreligious counterparts, recruiting and retention numbers are now at historic lows. Americans who value faith and religious freedom cannot be certain that the military will protect those values. And if our military will not protect religious freedom for its own members, how can we trust that it will protect religious freedom for the rest of us?”

Picking a Fight with Moms and Dads

First Liberty attorney Keisha Russell wrote an op-ed for WORLD discussing how the party in power continues to ignore and dismiss the issue of parental rights in school. Russell makes the case that parents “on both sides of the aisle want to raise their own children.” She further explains:

“Voting against bills designed to protect parental rights and drastically changing important civil rights legislation to promote warped sexuality mandates in schools are a chilling prelude of what is on tap if those who would undermine parents remain in power.”

The Simple Solution to Our Military’s Recruiting Crisis Is the Rejection of Woke Ideology

First Liberty attorney Mike Berry and former Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie wrote an op-ed for Townhall discussing the Pentagon recently missing its recruiting goals. They argue that the Pentagon’s “full-throated embrace of “wokeism” is a major cause of our recruiting and retention crisis.” “The most immediate and obvious solution, of course, is to stop the bleeding and reject the woke ideology that only serves to weaken our military,” they add.

Faith Leaders Across America Preach Politics, Moral Values Ahead of Midterms

Fox News reports that across America, faith leaders spoke out about the midterm elections during their recent worship services. Some passionately took stands on divisive issues such as immigration and abortion; others pleaded for an easing of the political polarization fracturing their communities and their nation.

‘I Don’t Believe in God’: Congressman Aims to Bring Other Lawmakers Out of Humanist Closet

CBN News reports that California congressman Jared Huffman recently proclaimed he doesn’t “believe in God” while addressing a secular activist group’s annual convention. He said many of his peers in Congress tend to be “coy” about where they stand on faith, but he has “come right out and said it” to make clear his view about “the nonexistence of God.”

NYC Firefighters, Teachers Ask Supreme Court to Pause COVID Mandate That Cost Them Their Jobs

Fox News reports: New York City firefighters, teachers, police officers, sanitation workers and others who lost their jobs after the city rejected their request for a religious exemption to the COVID vaccine mandate are appealing to the Supreme Court. They say the city discriminated against them while letting unvaccinated athletes keep their jobs.

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