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November 25, 2022
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Catch up on the latest and most important religious freedom headlines around the web.

Biden Has Appointed Many Judges but Hasn’t Recast the Bench Like Trump

The Washington Post reports that President Biden has appointed more federal judges at this point in his presidency than Trump, but that record comes with a significant caveat. While the overall numbers are somewhat larger, Biden’s ability to reshape the judiciary has been much more limited—especially at the highest levels.

Mike Lee Urges Senators Who Voted for Radical Marriage Bill: ‘Have the Courage to Protect’ Religious Freedom 

Sen. Mike Lee of Utah is urging the 12 senators in his party who voted for the “Respect for Marriage Act” to oppose the legislation, The Daily Signal reports. Sen. Lee introduced an amendment to help ensure individuals, nonprofits and religious organizations are not discriminated against and protect their tax-exempt status.

“The free exercise of religion is absolutely essential to the health of our Republic,” the senator wrote in a letter sent to his colleagues. “What we can expect should this bill become law is more litigation against those institutions and individuals trying to live according to their sincerely held religious beliefs and moral convictions,” he warns.

South Carolina Fights Back Against ACLU’s Attempt to Shut Down Faith-Based Foster Care Agencies

The Christian Post reports that South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster has asked a federal district court to protect the state’s right to partner with private, faith-based foster care agencies that help place children in foster care. The ACLU filed a lawsuit seeking to shut down religious foster care agencies. More than 3,800 children in South Carolina are currently in foster care.

New York Times Editorial Pushes for Radical “Court Reform,” Supreme Court Term Limits

The push for extreme judicial “reform” is resurfacing. A New York Times op-ed recently made the case for Supreme Court term limits. The author argues that we should get rid of permanent tenure for federal judges because this system “can go beyond independence to breed a kind of arrogance and contempt for the public.”

First Liberty experts have discussed at length that term limits for Supreme Court justices defy the letter and spirit of the Constitution. This constitutionally suspect “reform” may not add seats to the Supreme Court, but it’s still court-packing only by a different name. This proposal would bring chaos to our country. It would destroy judicial independence, turn judges into an extension of the party in power and endanger our freedoms, including religious liberty.

To learn more about our effort to educate Americans about radical “court reform,” visit

‘After School Satan Club’ Causes a Stir at California Elementary School

A new after-school club at Golden Hills Elementary School in Kern County’s Tehachapi, called the “After School Satan Club,” is drawing community outrage, The San Francisco Chronicle reports. For years, the Satanic Temple has been launching these clubs in public schools where evangelical Christian groups—namely, the Good News Club—have their own meetings. “The Satanic Temple does not advocate for religion in schools,” the group says on its website. “However, once religion invades schools, as The Good News Clubs have, The Satanic Temple will fight to ensure that plurality and true religious liberty are respected.” Parents in the community have expressed their discontent and say they are disturbed by the club’s presence.

Speakers Outline Medical, Societal Trends Threatening Catholic Health Care

The Boston Pilot reports on the inaugural Symposium for the Advancement of Catholic Health Care that took place on Nov. 12. Leaders discussed how Catholic health care professionals are confronting increased challenges by a push for abortion, gender-altering surgery and euthanasia and other emerging threats to conscience rights protections.

How Religion Intersects with Americans’ Views on the Environment

Most U.S. adults—including a solid majority of Christians and large numbers of people who identify with other religious traditions—consider the Earth sacred and believe God gave humans a duty to care for it, according to a new Pew Research Center survey.

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