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Insider’s Report: Kelly Shackelford on Judge Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Hearings

September 11, 2018

This past week’s drama surrounding the Senate confirmation hearing for Judge Kavanaugh have probably kept you riveted to the screen.

After a lengthy week of statements and questioning – accompanied by political theatrics – the U.S. Senate continues to deliberate on Judge Kavanaugh’s record and his judicial philosophy.

But there’s no need to worry if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the news cycle. We’ve got you covered.

In this special feature, you’ll find exclusive content and key highlights directly from Kelly Shackelford, giving you insight into Judge Kavanaugh’s prior rulings and opinions, as well as what his confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court will mean for religious liberty in America.

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Live from the Hart U.S. Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C., Kelly Shackelford updates us on the first day of questioning. Highlighting his commitment to the First Amendment, Kelly recalls how we collaborated with Judge Kavanaugh on a pro-bono religious freedom case in his early days as an attorney.

And it’s evident that Judge Kavanaugh does indeed have a heart for religious liberty.

On that same day, Senator Ted Cruz asked Judge Kavanaugh about his stance on religious liberty. Here are some key statements from Judge Kavanaugh’s response:

“If you have religious beliefs, religious people, religious speech, you have just as much right to be in the public square and to participate in the public programs as others do. You can’t be denied just because of religious status.”

“So the religious tradition reflected in the First Amendment is a foundational part of American liberty.”

“I think it’s important to think that, to begin with, you’re equally American no matter what religion you are, or if you have no religion at all. It’s also important, the Supreme Court said, that religious people be allowed to speak and to participate in the public square without having to sacrifice their religious beliefs.”

But even before making these remarks during the confirmation hearings, Kelly appeared on Fox News @ Night with Shannon Bream, commenting on the merits of Judge Kavanaugh and how important it is for a judge to demonstrate respect for the U.S. Constitution and the religious liberty of Americans.

Learn more about Judge Kavanaugh’s prior rulings on religious liberty.

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