FLI Client, Kenny Vaughan, Sends a Special Holiday Message Thanking YOU For Your Support

December 20, 2019

by Jorge Gomez • 5 min read

2019 has been one of the greatest years in recent memory for religious liberty…and it couldn’t have happened without YOU, our loyal supporters.

We wanted to take this time to express our gratitude for your generous support, both financially and through your continued prayers. Because you stand strong with First Liberty, we’ve had an incredible “Year of Firsts” for religious freedom…starting with our historic, precedent-setting victory at the U.S. Supreme Court in defense of the Bladensburg Memorial.

Of course, it’s only because you give that we can continue to be First in the Fight ® defending people of faith and reclaiming religious liberty across the country.

So, thank you for a wonderful year and a great decade. Throughout the last 30 years we could not have maintained our unparalleled 90%-win rate without your help.

However, just because the decade is ending doesn’t mean the fight for religious freedom is over.

In fact, 2020 is the time when we’re going ALL IN to reclaim religious liberty, especially when we see that enemies have launched an ALL OUT war against faith and religious expression.

While some may turn to the headlines and hear messages of outrage or despair, I have faith, confidence and tremendous hope that in 2020, we can begin to usher in the next chapter for religious liberty…a new era of prosperity for people of faith to live it out, and to do so loudly and boldly.

Yes, the opposition may be sharpening its attacks and filling their financial war chest to undermine our First Freedom…but the unprecedented progress we’ve seen in the last year is proof we have momentum on our side.

Come 2020, it’s up to us to maximize the opportunities God will provide, opportunities to win more landmark legal battles that will have a lifetime impact for religious liberty—the kind of impact that our children and grandchildren will enjoy for the next 30 to 40 years.

2019 was our Biggest 30th…but, like this new decade, we’re just getting started in making even more record-breaking history together. We’re about to make the ‘20s roar in a whole new way.

Just look at the fact that our body of law is moving in a very positive direction. This past year, four of our nation’s top justices have signaled that the U.S. Supreme Court is ready to take a serious look at restoring the free exercise of religion to levels that we haven’t seen in our lifetime.

This could lead to ultimate victory—and possibly more precedent-setting triumphs—for Coach Joe Kennedy who was fired from his coaching job for praying…and Melissa Klein who lost her business because she would not communicate a message contrary to her deeply-help beliefs.

That’s why we must have a sense of urgency to reclaim religious liberty…right now!

We have labored the past 30 years to reach this crucial moment in history. God has opened a unique, yet very limited window of opportunity that could determine the fate of religious freedom in America for the next 30 years.

And it’s up to us to make it count.

Will you join First Liberty and go ALL IN with us to reclaim religious liberty in 2020?

Because You Give | First Liberty

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