10 Shocking Attacks on Religious Freedom: Did They Happen in America or a Communist Tyranny?

August 27, 2021
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by Jorge Gomez2 min read + quiz

As Americans, we tend to think persecution and government crackdowns against religious communities only occur in repressive, totalitarian nations—places too far away to affect our own freedoms here at home.

We often say to ourselves: “That could never happen here in the United States!”

But even a quick glance at our culture today shows shocking parallels between attacks happening in nations like China, Cuba or North Korea and First Amendment violations occurring in America.


Listed below are 10 shocking attacks on religious freedom. For each question, you’ll be asked whether a religious freedom violation occurred in the U.S., or if it happened in a communist tyranny.

Can you identify where each attack happened?

1. Militants dressed in black, carrying shields and melee weapons assaulted a group of Christians, including a pastor and several children, who were attending a prayer and worship gathering. This happened in...

2. Police issued citations and arrested several attendees who gathered in the town’s “Friendship Square” for a religious gathering called “Psalm Sing,” hosted by a local church. This happened in..

3. Christian pastor receives a “notice of administrative punishment” and is fined more than $30,000 for organizing an “unauthorized” religious gathering at a hotel. This happened in...

4. Government officials punish a church and impose over $2 million in fines because it continued to hold indoor services on Sundays. This happened in...

5. A health official enters and interrupts a church during its Sunday service. Accompanied by police, they harass the pastor and the congregation for not being in “compliance” with local rules on religious services. This happened in...

6. Police detain nine church members gathered at home for not complying and not properly registering with the government’s association of churches. This happened in...

7. A church’s Easter video showing images of Christ on the cross is blocked, flagged for “promoting violence.” This happened in...

8. Government officials interrupt and suspend a church service being held via Zoom, just as two pastors were delivering their sermon. This happened in...

9. A student is ordered to remove “Jesus Loves Me” facemask. School policy bans “political, religious, sexual or any inappropriate symbols, gestures or statements that may be offensive, disruptive or deemed distractive to the school environment.” This happened in...

10. Government officials forcibly remove crosses from ships.

If you’re concerned about your constitutional freedoms, the answers to many of the questions above are a clear warning that America’s First Freedom is under attack like never before.

It’s true that America has not yet seen authoritarianism as brazen as in China, but we cannot bury our head in the sand while “soft totalitarianism” is quickly taking hold in the Land of the Free.

For the millions of people of faith who cherish the right to worship freely, we cannot become complacent in fighting for our First Freedom. Together, we can put a stop to the assaults that threaten to strip away religious freedom and our First Amendment rights as Americans.

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