See It in Photos: HaYovel’s First Israel Summit

May 31, 2024
Hayovel Israel Summit Photos | First Liberty Insider

by Jorge Gomez • 1 min read

Pro-Hamas agitators made threats and tried to stop HaYovel—a ministry that helps grape farmers in Israel—from hosting their first Israel Summit in support of the Jewish people. It seemed like HaYovel wasn’t going to have a space for their conference.

First Liberty stepped in to represent HaYovel and made sure they could hold their conference, which was a huge success!

Christian financial advisor Dave Ramsey graciously offered to host the summit at the Ramsey Solutions Event Center on the outskirts of Nashville. The publicity helped boost attendance and brought the local community together.

Thank you for supporting First Liberty. Thanks to you, our attorneys were able to quickly jump in the fight for the team at HaYovel and make sure they could freely live out their mission.

Your gift made a huge impact on this ministry. We wanted to make sure you saw these incredible photos from the Summit:

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