Will Your State Pass a Law to Designate Houses of Worship as Essential?

February 26, 2021
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by Jorge Gomez • 2 min read + slideshow

It’s been nearly one year since America was first gripped with the COVID-19 crisis. The unprecedented pandemic that broke out in March of 2020 caused national leaders and millions of citizens to ask serious questions about health and public safety.

But the COVID outbreak wouldn’t be our only adversary.

Our nation also came face-to-face with a troubling pattern of government overreach, with houses of worship shut down for months at a time, while other “essential” businesses remained opened. It became clear that America faced a constitutional crisis, as state officials used a national emergency to threaten and trample the most foundational liberties granted to us by God—including the right to safely gather for worship.

In hindsight, the COVID and constitutional crises reminded us of an important truth: Faith, religious freedom and houses of worship ARE essential.

Recently, legislators in multiple states have introduced bills to legally protect and designate houses of worship as essential, to ensure that they’re allowed to keep their doors open and safely provide services to their communities during emergencies on an equal basis as secular businesses.

Is your state considering enacting such a law?

Use the slideshow below to learn about the multiple states that have enacted or are considering one of these laws.

You can also click on each slide image for more information about pending legislation.

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First Liberty remains undefeated in our defense of religious liberty for people of faith and houses of worship during the pandemic in America. Now, more than ever before, we MUST be vigilant against the all-out attacks, not only on religious freedom, but on our entire constitutional system.

Your gifts to First Liberty are critical—indeed essential—to continue leading the defense of our First Freedom. To keep winning for America’s houses of worship, we need you to stand strong with us through your financial support.

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