Thankful for What God Has Done, and for the New Doors He’s Opening

November 24, 2023
Kelly Thanksgiving 2023 | FLI Insider

by Kelly Shackelford • 4 min read

This Thanksgiving, I am immensely grateful for what God is doing at First Liberty and through First Liberty. What a tremendously blessed year this has been! 2023 is turning out to be yet another remarkable year for religious liberty in America. Virtually everywhere we look, God is at work and opening new doors.

This year, we secured and celebrated two more victories at the U.S. Supreme Court, which makes for a total of four wins at the nation’s highest court in the span of just over 12 months. That makes for a total of nine victories at the Supreme Court since 2018. What’s more, we are undefeated at the nation’s highest court in all of our cases which the court has heard over the past few years.

What God has enabled us to accomplish is truly incredible and astonishing. Just look at our landmark Supreme Court triumph for our Faithful Carrier Gerald Groff. This victory didn’t only vindicate our client. The ruling set a precedent that fortified legal protections for millions of religious employees across America.

Religious liberty is on a winning streak in the courtroom, and this is translating to a huge revival for faith and freedom across the country. This isn’t just the result of the two major Supreme Court victories we secured earlier this summer. It’s the combined result of all the wins—from local schoolboards to the highest levels in federal court.

But we could not have orchestrated this success by ourselves. It’s with God’s favor and the support of Americans like YOU across the country that we’ve been able to reach such great heights.

Today, First Liberty is the tip of the spear in defending religious liberty in America. We’re having a seismic impact on the law and every American is being blessed with more protections to freely live according to their beliefs. We now have the opportunity to change the future for our children and our grandchildren so they can enjoy more religious liberty than ever before.

But there’s still a lot of work ahead. The battle for our First Freedom is far from over. Because we’re winning at such a historic rate, the enemies of freedom are increasing their attacks.

This year’s momentum shouldn’t be a reason to sit back. We’re thankful, but we must remain committed and faithful to the cause.

We have many more battles that we still need to win. Our work is laid out before us. By working together, we can seize these opportunities and continue restoring religious freedom back where it rightfully and legally belongs. After 30 years of being on the frontlines of this fight, God has shown me that when we work as one team, in one fight, with one purpose, through His grace, we can accomplish great things.

Thank you for continuing to invest in and support First Liberty. We are grateful to you and everyone who’s faithfully been by our side in this historic year. Without you, we simply could not continue fighting for what matters most: our most sacred and foundational freedom.

God continues to open new doors and bless us with opportunities. As we look ahead to the holiday season—which is our busiest time of the year—there are some huge opportunities ahead.

The Battle Is Not Over | First Liberty Insider

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