Thank You to All of America’s Military Service Members for Your Selfless Sacrifice

May 28, 2021
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by Mike Berry1 min read + video

As we observe Memorial Day on Monday, May 31, we’re reminded that the most powerful weapon in the world isn’t a tank, a stealth bomber or even an aircraft carrier.

It’s the American service member, who answers the call to serve and to sacrifice.

As a U.S. Marine, I’ve had the honor of serving with men and women who would not hesitate to go into harm’s way to protect this nation we so dearly love. Many of them even make the ultimate sacrifice, laying down their lives so that you and I can continue to have the freedoms and rights enshrined in the Constitution.

That’s why my personal mission, and our collective mission here at First Liberty Institute, is to fight for our military service members who are targeted and attacked for the very faith that inspires them to risk their lives in safeguarding our hard-won freedoms.

Just as you did not give up on your country when you were serving, we at First Liberty will never give up on our service members. We will keep fighting for your First Freedom, for your right to live out your faith freely and openly, a liberty that you courageously fought to defend.

Please take a moment to watch the video below, a brief message to say thank you to all military service members:

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