COMMENTARY: The Supreme Importance of Your Vote

April 26, 2024
Power of Your Vote | First Liberty Insider

by Howard Goldthwaite • 5 min read

Why do so many candidates get elected who are determined to pry America away from our founding principles? How have they gained so much power to steer our country in the wrong direction? The answer is obvious. They won elections. People voted them into office—and just as important—lots of faith voters didn’t bother to vote because an “ideal candidate” wasn’t in the race.

It’s not so much that anti-faith voters outnumber the pro-faith voters. The sad fact is that anti-faith voters have simply demonstrated a higher commitment to voting and winning elections.

Let this sobering truth to sink in: By losing elections, we lose America.

Don’t underestimate the power of elections, and never underestimate the power of your vote to change America. If you don’t vote, it leaves a vacuum; and people who have very different values will quickly fill that vacuum.

Not Voting Is Not an Option

Whether an election is to fill a seat on a local school board or the Oval Office, you must vote!

The person sitting on your local school board has a powerful influence over what your kids and grandkids are taught in school. The person serving on your city council helps guide the course of your community—either towards godly values or away. And the person sitting in the Oval Office is the most powerful person in America; which makes a presidential election your most powerful vote.

Every time you vote to elect a president—as well as every time you choose not to vote—you’re helping to shape the future of America. You’re either choosing a president who will appoint judges and Supreme Court Justices who want to follow the Constitution, or who will disregard it and steer America away from our founding principles. Your decision has the potential to shape the legal and cultural landscape of America for decades to come.

The Dangers Facing the Supreme Court

With recent appointments, a majority of the Supreme Court now currently holds to the original meaning of the Constitution. Notice I mentioned that the Supreme Court “currently” holds to the original meaning of the Constitution. That could quickly change, depending on the outcome of the next national election.

The Supreme Court has been a major roadblock standing in the way of abandoning America’s founding principles and ushering in the liberal, socialist agenda. That’s why there’s a huge movement brewing in American media and politics that wants to completely and permanently change how the Supreme Court functions. They want to pack the court by adding additional liberal justices, and purge the experienced conservatives through term limits. If they succeed at restructuring the Supreme Court, they’ll be empowered to keep changing America into a place where freely exercising your faith will be next to impossible.

They want to scrape away our history and values, then create a completely different country in its place; a country scrubbed clean of the values of our Founders.

When Laws Change, The Culture Follows

Here at First Liberty, we win cases that change America. That’s because the culture, while often leading to bad laws, also tends to follow court decisions—either in a good way or a bad way. For example, when a court rules it legal to have abortions at any stage of pregnancy, more people have abortions. When a court rules it legal to perform sex-change surgeries on minors, more kids become permanently mutilated. When courts rule it legal for men to compete in women’s sports simply because they declare themselves to be female, more girls lose out on medals and scholarships.

But when courts follow the original meaning of the Constitution and bad precedents are overturned, good things happen in the culture. For example, when courts uphold the rights of  faith-based schools, more schools open and more kids get raised with a faith-based education. When you protect the rights of people who stand up for their sincerely held beliefs, they’re allowed to keep their jobs and influence their workplace instead of getting fired. When courts issue rulings protecting the religious liberty of those serving in the military, they keep our armed forces strong and boost recruitment.

That’s why your vote in the upcoming election is so crucial.

Free Resource: The Power to Change America is in Your Vote

There are many misconceptions about what rights and freedoms pastors and houses of worship have on political matters. Opponents of religious freedom often manipulate information to make you believe that politics and the pulpit may never converge, making faith-based organizations, churches, synagogues and everyday religious Americans fear legal ramifications if they mention or participate in politics.

But the truth is, that fear isn’t based on the law. It’s a scare tactic by those who want to silence people of faith and keep them from voicing their opinions and voting their values.

We have a resource available explaining your rights during election season. You can download it for free below:

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