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Go ALL IN With Us to Reclaim Religious Liberty in 2020

Light of the World is truly transforming its local community in Nebraska, thanks to supporters like you. People of faith who have a heart and a passion to serve, like Pastor Paul and his church, are the reason why First Liberty is First in the Fight.

Unfortunately, the hostility and violence this church has endured is only one example of a growing nationwide assault on people of faith in America. Determined to scrub our nation of the very religious heritage that has made it great, anti-faith activists and radical groups are becoming increasingly brazen in their attacks.

The only answer to this ALL OUT war on our religious liberty is to go ALL IN to reclaim it.

Will you go ALL IN with us?

Thanks to our innovative volunteer attorney model that allows us to deliver a 6 to 1 return on investment, the impact of your donation is multiplied exponentially when you give to First Liberty right now. Every dollar makes a difference!

Together, we can make 2020 a turning point for religious liberty in America…a new dawn of religious freedom and prosperity for our children and grandchildren.

GIVE NOW to help us reclaim religious liberty for all Americans

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Thank you for giving to protect religious freedom in your community.

Your gift will go straight towards defending victims of religious hostility in local communities all over the nation, ensuring that they have the legal protection they need.

For victims of religious persecution, who often feel like they have nowhere else to go when they suffer attacks on their faith—your donation today gives them the priceless gift of hope. Hope for freedom. Hope for justice. And hope for a better future.

Thank you for your commitment to protecting faith and freedom! Find out more about how we’re defending religious liberty in communities like yours here.

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