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In today’s America, the anti-faith, anti-freedom movement is more aggressive than ever before. Radical groups, extremist politicians, and agenda-driven businesses have made it clear—they’re coming for your freedom.

Stay Protected

There’s one way make sure they don’t succeed. Stay protected with First Liberty Institute’s FREE Religious Liberty Protection Kits.

Whether your freedom is threatened at school, at your workplace, at your church, or even in the military, our protection kits will explain in detail exactly how far your right to express your faith truly extends. (Spoiler alert: you may have a lot more freedom than you think!)

Led by Kelly Shackelford, frequently cited as one of the top legal scholars in America, First Liberty Institute’s veteran team of legal experts have done all the hard work for you in these kits. You’ll learn your rights as defined by the Constitution—not by today’s politically-correct radicals.

And speaking of the Constitution, we’ll even send you a free pocket Constitution! Make our nation’s founding fathers proud, and take the source of your first freedom with you wherever you go.

Make sure your freedom is never censored. Get your free Religious Liberty Protection Kits and Pocket Constitution today!

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