Say No to Fear and Antisemitic Threats


Hotel Cancels Conference Supporting Israel


Religious Discrimination has no place in America. Period.

We’ve seen what’s happening on college campuses…and now, it seems to be moving into hotels and small businesses.

HaYovel is a Christian, faith-based ministry that supports Israeli grape farmers. The ministry has organized The Israel Summit, a pro-Israel conference providing speakers, education on fighting antisemitism, and various events.

Just days before the event, however, the Sonesta Nashville Airport hotel breached the contract and canceled the Summit.

Sonesta claimed that they had received threats regarding HaYovel and the Summit.

The hotel’s refusal to fulfill its contract because of HaYovel’s religious beliefs is wrong and illegal.

Bowing to the religious bigotry of others only strengthens it. If this chain surrenders to pro-Hamas, terrorist threats, who will be attacked next?

Sonesta must make the choice: stand with American ideals or pro-Hamas terrorists.

Will you sign your name and tell Sonesta it’s time to take a stand against religious hostility?


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