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Your free digital access to First Liberty’s Religious Liberty Protection Kit for Students and Teachers is on its way to your inbox now.

As the nation’s largest non-profit legal firm and think tank solely dedicated to religious liberty, First Liberty’s success depends on you. And that’s why we want to ensure you have the best resources to advocate confidently for religious freedom wherever you work, live and pray.

After all, we are at a tipping point right now in our nation’s history, when the future of religious freedom is directly in your hands.

Right now, all throughout America, thousands of faithful First Liberty supporters, like you, are joining the fight by giving generously in record numbers to protect and defend our most cherished, God-given liberties.

After all, freedom starts with you:

Freedom starts when you…give so that senior citizens can host a Bible study in their home without fear of eviction or harassment.

Freedom starts when you…give to defend the right of our students, teachers, and coaches to live out their faith in our nations’ schools.

Freedom starts when you…give to protect the right of faith-based owners to run their business consistent with their faith.

Freedom starts when you…give to safeguard the rights of American military service members to serve while remaining true to their religious beliefs.

Because to win the fight for religious freedom, we need more boots on the ground, more patriots who believe and want to fight for our constitutional rights. And the time to do that is now, when we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure freedom for generations to come.

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Thank you for giving to protect religious freedom in your community.

Your gift will go straight towards defending victims of religious hostility in local communities all over the nation, ensuring that they have the legal protection they need.

For victims of religious persecution, who often feel like they have nowhere else to go when they suffer attacks on their faith—your donation today gives them the priceless gift of hope. Hope for freedom. Hope for justice. And hope for a better future.

Thank you for your commitment to protecting faith and freedom! Find out more about how we’re defending religious liberty in communities like yours here.

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