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The Shackelford Sessions are stories from the frontlines. When Kelly Shackelford decided to join the fight for religious liberty over three decades ago, he never imagined the extraordinary journey that followed: the daunting challenges, the historic moments, and ultimately the incredible victories advancing the future of freedom in America. And while the book is still being written, as Kelly continues to lead the fight—we’ve collected some remarkable battle stories along the way.

Welcome to the frontlines. Welcome to The Shackelford Sessions.



What It Takes to Fight – And Win

Kelly Shackelford provides a deeper understanding of what it takes to fight – and win – the battle for religious liberty through his insights into the recent decision in the Bladensburg case at the U.S. Supreme Court and by explaining what the Peace Cross victory means for the future of religious liberty in America.



The Road to Bladensburg

A veterans memorial threatened with demolition? Shockingly, this isn’t the first time. Kelly Shackelford is joined by FLI General Counsel Hiram Sasser to discuss the stepping stones leading up to the landmark Bladensburg Memorial case, now awaiting a decision before the Supreme Court.



Kelly Shackelford

A 30-Year Journey that is Changing the Course of History

In this special feature, FLI’s President, CEO and Chief Counsel, Kelly Shackelford, shares how he had to choose early on between becoming a pastor or a lawyer, and why he believes that Americans who are alive today are about to experience more religious freedom than they have ever had in their lives.

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