Help Stop Religious Hostility in the Military

Since 1997, Kenny Vaughan and his wife have donated millions of inspirational Shields of Strength dog tags to grateful military members. They’ve never given one to anybody who didn’t request it, and never had one complaint.

But now, an outside anti-faith group is trying to have these beloved symbols of hope and encouragement for our men and women in uniform removed—simply because they are inscribed with religious messages.

We will not stand for such blatant religious harassment. It’s not going to happen on our watch—but it’s going to take all of us coming together to achieve victory in this fight.

Faith has a long history in America’s armed forces, and forcing Shields of Strength to pull its dog tags isn’t just harsh and unkind—it’s illegal. The fact is, it’s perfectly constitutional for Americans who love their country to encourage military members with inspirational religious messages.

Please join us as we fight for the rights of our veterans and servicemembers. They need YOUR support to help put a stop to the barrage of violations against their religious liberty—including their constitutional right to wear religious jewelry and find strength in their faith.

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