Thank You for Standing With First Liberty

Thank you for standing with First Liberty and faith leaders from across America as we join together to call for Congress to protect America’s houses of worship as they reopen.

First Liberty’s team of legal experts is on the front lines of this crucial fight, keeping a sharp eye on every government order—from the local level all the way to Capitol Hill—to ensure that our rights to religious freedom are not compromised.

Our efforts are already making a difference. We have successfully fought for people of faith to:

  • Gather in-person for CDC compliant worship services in Kentucky,
  • Join together for socially responsible Bible studies in Washington state, and
  • Attend drive-in worship services in Mississippi

But in order to make sure every single instance of discrimination is addressed, and every single person of faith has their rights protected—we need your help. We never charge a single cent to defend the religious freedom of Americans under attack, which means your support is what makes it possible.

With your help, we will make sure that every American’s precious constitutional rights are upheld. Your donation will keep our doors open and our lights on for people of faith across the nation who are counting on us to stay on the frontlines of the fight.

Join Us as We Go All In to Lead the Fight for Our First Freedom

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