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Sweet Justice for SweetCakes

For Aaron and Melissa Klein, running their family bakery, SweetCakes by Melissa, was much more than just a business. It was their passion, artistic expression, a second home—and a legacy to pass on to their children.

It was a dream come true. Until the State of Oregon came along and took it all away, just because the Kleins politely declined to create a custom same-sex wedding cake. Aaron and Melissa were forced to close the family business, penalized $135,000, and have even endured graphic death threats—all for simply standing by their religious beliefs as they runs their business.

But thankfully, despite this shocking barrage of hostility, there is hope.

First Liberty is taking this case to the U.S. Supreme Court. First Liberty is telling the Court that the Oregon commission violated the Kleins constitutional rights by failing to provide them with due process and by trying to forcing them to create art that violates their beliefs.

But even with this next step, the Kleins journey has been a long and difficult one — and nobody should ever have to go through religious persecution alone.

Please take a moment to write a message of encouragement for Melissa and her family today. We need to let this kind-hearted, hardworking mother of 5 know that her fellow Americans have her back in this fight.

Please fill out your letter of support below to tell Aaron and Melissa: “I stand with you in your decision to run your business according to your faith.”

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