5th ward

Houston Drops Eminent Domain Effort Against Churches

One News Now
November 4, 2015 • In the News

Two small Texas churches have fought their Goliath – the City of Houston – and can now claim a legal victory. Read full article »

HHA Withdraws Eminent Domain Threat Against Fifth Ward Church

Houston Press
November 3, 2015 • In the News

After a three-month legal battle, the Houston Housing Authority has voluntarily withdrawn its threat of eminent domain that had longtime Fifth Ward church leaders up in arms. Read full article »

Breaking: Houston Abandons Eminent Domain Against Black Church

November 2, 2015 • In the News

The City of Houston has abandoned an effort to use eminent domain power to destroy the outdoor ministry area of Latter Day Deliverance Revival Church, a predominantly black church in Houston, Texas’treet Fifth Ward. Read full article »

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