Courtroom prayer

Texas judge under fire for offering prayer in the courtroom

Fox and Friends
August 22, 2016 • In the News

Attorneys have complained that the practice is ‘unconstitutional.’ Read full article »

Texas AG OK’s Prayer in Court Over Atheist Group’s Objections

August 19, 2016 • In the News

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has issued an opinion stating it does not violate the Establishment Clause to open a court session with the statement “God save the State of Texas and this Honorable Court” or to open court with a prayer, or have a volunteer chaplain program to facilitate those prayers. Read full article »

Texas Judge Victorious Over Atheist Group in Prayer Dispute

The Daily Signal
August 16, 2016 • In the News

Judge Wayne Mack, a justice of the peace in Montgomery County, Texas, recalls several people telling him they were initially worried about coming before his court, but after the chaplain’s prayer opened the proceedings, they felt better. Read full article »

Texas AG Ken Paxton affirms constitutionality of courtroom prayer

The Dallas Morning News
August 16, 2016 • In the News

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued a legal opinion Monday affirming the constitutionality of opening courtroom sessions with prayer, as well as a volunteer chaplaincy program in Southeast Texas.

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