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How Keeping Christmas In My Childhood School Lifted A Dark Year

December 20, 2018 • In the News

I didn’t know why we had a meager houseplant in the place of a Christmas tree. Didn’t everybody have a ‘Christmas plant’? By: Hiram Sasser, General Counsel with First Liberty Institute Each year, as fall gives way to winter, unmistakable events and hallmarks signify the beginning of the Christmas season. Family traditions […]

Students: Have Faith Without Fear

September 7, 2016 • In the News

One young woman’s resilience may inspire others. Read full article »

Preserving the First Amendment in Education

May 10, 2016 • In the News

Do students have a constitutional right to speak about their religious beliefs in a graduation speech?

Cheerleaders for Christ

The Atlantic
April 5, 2016 • In the News

KOUNTZE, Tex.—The women of Kountze, Texas, have been fighting for four years to put Bible verses on their banners. Their case is a look at what’s ahead for religious-liberty conflicts in America.Read full article »

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