OPINION | US courts: Can’t pray at work, can’t pray at home

The Hill September 1, 2017

Earlier this week, the federal court of appeals in San Francisco announced that a school district in Washington State could fire high school football coach Joseph Kennedy for nothing more than praying by himself after each game.

Looking Back: A Snapshot of Religious Liberty in 2016

The Stream December 30, 2016

It’s been a difficult year for religious freedom in America, but the future holds “huge windows of opportunity,” says Kelly Shackelford, constitutional attorney and president of the non-profit religious liberty law firm First Liberty Institute.

The Religious-Liberty Showdowns Coming in 2017

The Atlantic December 28, 2016

From mosque surveillance to new religious-exemption laws, a look at some of the issues likely to come up under Trump.

Attorney General Meese: Lawyers’ Ethics Rule Is Fascist, Anti-Christian

Breitbart August 8, 2016

On Aug. 8 or 9, ABA’s House of Delegates will vote on whether to adopt the recommendation from one of its committees to adopt ABA Model Rule 8.4. Read full article »

Listen: Little Sisters of the Poor and the Future of Religious Liberty in America

Conservative Review March 23, 2016

On the eve of oral arguments for Zubik v. Burwell (more commonly known as the Little Sisters of the Poor case), CR’s Nate Madden say down with Kelly Shackleford, President of First Liberty Institute (FLI) to talk about the details of the case, as well as its place in a broader scheme of threats to religious liberty in the United States. Read full article »