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George WashingtonIn October of 1789, long before it was declared a national holiday, President George Washington issued a proclamation calling for a National Day of Thanksgiving.

In a time before the adoption of the Bill of Rights—indeed, when its ratification was still very much in question—Washington called on Americans to thank God for the rights they enjoyed. In sharp contrast to a society today that is all too willing to sacrifice their foundational freedoms, Washington recognized and made it a point to emphasize the importance of rights like religious liberty.

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And this wasn’t a sentiment unique to George Washington. Virtually all of our nation’s Founders expressed deep gratitude for our liberties, rights, our representative government and the freedom to express and live out our faith.

In today’s society of political correctness and “redefining” of America’s foundational values and freedoms, protecting our constitutional right to religious liberty is more important than ever.

That’s why we need you to go all-in with us as we fight to preserve those rights. With your donation today, you can help restore the vision of George Washington, return our country to the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, and reclaim religious freedom for all Americans.

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