The Most Essential Freedom

A free nation always starts with freedom of belief. The freedom to believe what you want to, freedom of religion, is the cornerstone to free speech and all other freedoms. It’s our First Freedom, the very basis for all of the others.

If we give up this individual freedom, we’ll only begin to fall down the slippery slope to tyranny, just like we’ve seen with countless other nations in history. 

And as FLI President and CEO Kelly Shackelford often says, “The one thing that a totalitarian government can never allow are citizens who have an allegiance to one higher than the government.”

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Peter’s Story

Peter Kalkus was born in Czechoslovakia. As a young boy, the Communist government took away the people’s basic religious, political, and individual freedoms. No free voices were allowed. All dissenting opinions were silenced, and those holding them arrested or put to death.

Peter’s family was thankful to find refuge in the freedom of America.

Today, Peter worries about threats to this same freedom. What he sees happening in America today shockingly mirrors the beginning of the communist regime in Czechoslovakia. “You cannot take anything for granted. Once you start losing freedoms, they’re likely to keep on slipping away.”

On the Road to Tyranny

The censorship that’s occurring in the marketplace of ideas, the political correctness, the unraveling and undoing of our nation’s history, only points to one thing: our country is in the middle of a constitutional crisis.

From deeming church as “non-essential” and criminalizing all religious gatherings outside of family members, to the rioting and destruction of churches, monuments, and our nation’s very history, it is clear that “cancel culture” has taken over. Many Americans no longer respect the values and principles our nation was founded upon.

In this current period of unrest and crisis, it’s more important than ever before to hold fast to these values and principles. Or else, like Peter, we’ll sit back and watch the defacing of the world’s greatest democracy—disguised in the name of ‘safety’ and ‘social justice.’

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Faith is the First to Go

With every overreaching policy comes another attack on our freedom, and faith is always the first to go.

Within the past few months, we’ve seen corrupt officials threaten to arrest citizens for meeting in small groups to hold a Bible study, write citations for those who attend drive-in religious services, and even bar a military service member from leading worship in his own church. 

It’s a pattern of outrageous attacks from deep-state, anti-faith, and anti-democracy officials, seeking to squeeze every last freedom out of the American people. It’s taking a little here and a little there, until one day every last bit of it is gone.

Join the Fight Against Tyranny

America must never fall victim to a tyrannical government. Not on our watch. That’s why First Liberty is first in the fight to defend religious freedom. Because we know that in defending it, we’re defending so much more.

When a Kentucky pastor was told that his right to hold church services was “suspended,” First Liberty reversed the local mayor’s order, reclaiming the pastor’s right to worship.

When military service members were told they couldn’t attend church services, we restored their right to gather just a few days later.

But the fight is ongoing, and we must be vigilant. That’s why your support is crucial—because we’re only going to win by going All In together.

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