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Faith on Trial in America

The war is real. In today’s Cancel Culture, the level of hostility toward religion is both unprecedented and unrelenting.

UNDENIABLE: An Inside Look at the Cases, Controversies and Unrelenting Attacks on Religious Liberty in America is an alarming compilation of more than 1,400 real, documented instances of hostility toward every Americans’ right to freely live out our faith. It offers irrefutable evidence of this growing crisis in four key areas: Education, The U.S. Military, our Community, and our Religious Institutions.

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Undeniable: Faith on Trial in America | First Liberty

America’s Wake-up Call

The All Out War on Religious Liberty

Our nation’s Founders established religious freedom as the foundational cornerstone to all our freedoms. In fact, it’s the “first freedom” listed in the Bill of Rights. Why? Because they knew that to live, flourish and coexist in a truly free society, an individual’s rights and beliefs must stem from a power higher than government.

If our First Freedom falls, then all others will soon follow. That’s why we need to be aware of the growing attack on our religious liberty—because protecting this sacred right is of the utmost importance: the freedom to live according to your conscience, whether you’re a person of faith or no faith at all.

The U.S. Supreme Court:
Our Greatest Hope for Victory

In addition to bite-size summaries of thousands of documented cases, UNDENIABLE gives you a first-hand insider’s look at three First Liberty Institute cases that have reached the U.S. Supreme Court, and could create a dramatic sea change for religious freedom for generations to come:

  1. Bladensburg Peace Cross
    The American Legion et al. v American Humanist Association et al.
  2. Coach Joe Kennedy
    Joseph A. Kennedy v. Bremerton School District
  3. Sweet Cakes by Melissa
    Melissa Klein and Aaron Klein v. Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries

Kelly Shackelford | Bladensburg | Supreme Court

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Legal action can help save religious liberty for all people of faith. But first, we must wake up to this current crisis and all-out war that’s threatening to purge our constitutional right to freely live out our faith.

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