Opponents Once Again Spread Lies, Smear Campaign to Destroy a Nominee

At his Senate confirmation hearing on October 30, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals nominee and former First Liberty network attorney, Lawrence VanDyke, was the target of a disgraceful character assassination.

He was asked about absurd allegations that as a judge he wouldn’t be fair to the LGBTQ community.

This outrageous and completely baseless attack was spearheaded by one of VanDyke’s former political opponents when he ran for the Montana Supreme Court.

When responding to the false accusations, VanDyke’s emotions caught his throat—and shortly after he was in tears. Here’s a video clip of what happened at the hearing:

What You Can Do To Stop These Attacks

Spreading lies about a judicial nominee should shock and appall all Americans.

Throughout his career, VanDyke’s shown to be a compassionate man and brilliant lawyer who’s defended America’s most cherished freedoms— including the dignity of every individual and their freedoms of speech, religion, and many more.

Despite VanDyke’s stellar record and career, our opponents once again are stooping down to the politics of personal destruction. They did the same thing to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh a year ago—and today they’ve put another excellent judicial pick in their crosshairs.

Make no mistake. The intolerant Left is on the march, and they will keep bullying, intimidating and smearing conservative judicial nominees. Which means, we’re going to need YOU with us on the battlefront.

With your support we can continue vetting and identifying great judges who will create a path for our nation to get back to the Constitution—to protect religious freedom for your children and grandchildren. Will you consider making a gift to First Liberty today?

Help Stop These Attacks Now

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