Vintage Church

Please sign this Letter of Support addressed to the members of Vintage Church, and take a stand to protect the right of all Americans to worship freely, in public, and in peace.

Dear Vintage Church Members,

I was disturbed to learn of the actions of officials in Jefferson Parish, LA against your church, including unreasonable and inconsistent demands, repeated intimidation tactics, and a criminal summons.

I support the right of all Americans to be able to exercise their religious beliefs freely—including the right to hold church services without substantial burden from the government, as mandated by laws like the Louisiana Preservation of Religious Freedom Act, federal law’s Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) and the U.S. Constitution.

Thank you for your ministry to the New Orleans metropolitan area—and congratulations on your rapid growth! Our nation needs more bold influencers like the members of your church to help change and shape our communities. 

Continue to stand strong for your beliefs and your freedom! You have my support as this lawsuit progresses.


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