First in the Fight Together

Our expert legal team at First Liberty Institute is comprised of some of the most sharp and bold constitutional attorneys in the nation. As the foremost experts on religious freedom, they are the First in the Fight to defend your right to live out your faith.

Each of our attorneys are fully committed to fighting for our clients’ first freedom. Our attorneys don’t just want to defend our First Amendment rights…they want to expand the free exercise of them for generations to come.

While our attorneys are bravely positioned on the frontlines in the fight for faith, they can’t win against today’s hostile attacks without your support. Your support provides the resources we need to stand with our clients— without ever sending them a bill.

Now more than ever, it is time to fight and win together. Will you join us on the frontlines?

The Last Line of Defense

Hiram Sasser – The 20 Year Freedom Fighter

Hiram Sasser, Executive General Counsel, has been fighting at First Liberty for our clients and our religious freedom for over 20 years. He has watched God transform First Liberty as it grew from three people with only dreams of preserving our nation’s heritage of faith, to the largest legal firm dedicated solely to protecting our First Freedom.

When Hiram suffered a career-ending injury in the army, God called him to First Liberty to fight for people and organizations who take heroic stands — people like Joe Kennedy, Aaron and Melissa Klein and The American Legion.

And now after more than 20 years in the fight for faith, Hiram is more passionate and dedicated to protecting our religious freedom than he was the day he started.


Holly Randall – The Young Gun

For Holly Randall, Associate Counsel, fighting for religious freedom wasn’t part of her career path. Her law school didn’t even offer courses in religious rights.

But when she heard Hiram Sasser speak about Coach Kennedy being fired for praying after football games, Holly felt the injustice of the coach’s situation. She wanted to get involved.

As Holly learned more about the daily threats that people of faith were experiencing, she felt God’s call. And she answered, first by interning at First Liberty and then by accepting a position after law school.

Holly now gets to stand in the trenches every day, defending our brave clients who take a stand for their faith – no matter their age, background or life experience. And the impact of her work will be felt for the next generation of rising leaders to come.

Danielle Runyan – The Force Multiplier

Danielle Runyan serves as Senior Counsel and a JAG in the United States Air Force reserve. While working as a young attorney in New York City, her life was radically altered by what she experienced on 09/11/2001.

Like so many others, she felt called to serve her country in the wake of this attack. She proudly joined the Air Force to help defend her country.

But when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, Danielle was faced with another life-changing choice: get the vaccine or be discharged from the Air Force. Because of her sincerely held religious beliefs, she chose to join First Liberty and fight for her rights and the rights of all airmen to live and serve according to their beliefs.

Today, Danielle uses her skills as a litigator to fight for people of faith in both our military and in everyday life. She gets to serve her fellow Americans with this new calling, defending them at the highest level in the courtroom.

Join the Fight

Our expert legal team at First Liberty Institute is comprised of some of the brightest and best constitutional attorneys in the nation.

Hiram, Holly and Danielle–along with the rest of our staff–readily stand at the frontlines defending your rights in the fight for faith. But they can’t win against today’s hostile attacks without your support. Your prayers and financial gifts provides the resources to stand with our clients without ever sending them a bill.

Now more than ever, we can make a difference for generations to come.

Will you give generously today, so we can be first in the fight together?

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