49 reasons to protect Bladensburg

The Bladensburg WWI Veterans Memorial stands proudly in recognition of those who stood to protect us.

In 1919, the year after the war ended, 10 mothers rallied the community of Prince George’s County, Maryland, to build a memorial to their sons, who fell serving their country. The Bladensburg WWI Veterans Memorial was among the first memorials built to commemorate the sacrifice of World War I servicemen.

Many historical monuments reflect the customs of past eras. Builders used the Celtic cross as a model to construct the Bladensburg Memorial, as that shape was commonly used as a grave marker during that time in history. In respect and recognition of lives lost, the cross-shaped Bladensburg WWI Veterans Memorial stands today as a symbol of sacrifice. It represents those servicemen who gave their lives during the Great War.

Amazingly, a federal appeals court ruled that the Bladensburg Memorial is illegal and ordered that it be torn down because of its shape. First Liberty is appealing that decision to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Every one of these 49 servicemen is a reason why the Bladensburg WWI Veterans Memorial belongs exactly where it is. But our opponents want to erase the memory of the service and sacrifice of men like George B. Farmer, the first from Prince George’s County to fall in battle; and William Redman, the first U.S. Navy man from the county who also gave his life.

World War I was often called, “the war to end all wars.” Will this be the veterans memorial to end all veterans memorials?

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