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Religious freedom is under attack like never before. Our most recent edition of Undeniable: The Survey of Hostility to Religion in America, shows a 15 percent increase in attacks within the last year alone, and a 133% increase over the past five years. America was founded on the principle of religious freedom, and First Liberty has created the First Liberty Ambassador program for supporters to join the fight to preserve it.

With help from concerned Americans like you, we can successfully protect religious freedom on two fronts:

  1. Winning legal battles: Our constitutional attorneys work side-by-side with the nation’s top litigators who represent our clients pro bono (free). This winning combination has allowed us to win 90% of our legal matters.
  2. Equipping advocates: You can become empowered to educate others about religious liberty. This grass-roots approach is a powerful strategy for preserving religious freedom for future generations.

Everyday people who understand that religious liberty is vital for America’s future empowers us to reshape the conversation, focusing the power and passion of advocates in communities across the nation.

4 Ways to Take Action


1. Get Updates

Join First Liberty’s mailing and email lists, along with connecting via social media, to stay informed about religious liberty cases and issues, including:

  • Breaking case updates
  • Compelling stories of courageous resolve
  • Exclusive information about your religious liberty rights, what’s at risk, and how you can make a difference

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2. Be an Ambassador

With a small commitment of time, First Liberty Ambassadors take pride in knowing they are helping to save religious freedom by spreading awareness, recruiting allies, and multiplying supporters for this important cause. Ambassadors:

  • Host meetings to facilitate conversation about religious freedom, why it is important to all of us, and how it is under attack.
  • Receive the First Liberty Ambassador kit with everything they need to host a meeting, including information on how to host your first meeting, discussion starters, videos, literature and more.
  • Get exclusive case insights and opportunities to learn even more as a leader in the fight to preserve religious liberty for future generations.

Learn more about what’s involved in becoming a First Liberty Ambassador by emailing

3. Pray

Prayer is one of the most important weapons we have in this battle for religious freedom. When you sign up to receive updates from First Liberty, you’ll be alerted about cases and religious liberty issues that you can include in your daily prayer life.

To join our prayer initiative, visit


4. Donate

Are you willing to invest financially in the future of religious freedom? Tax-deductible donations to First Liberty have a massive impact on educating people about religious liberty and winning legal cases, which set important legal precedents that protect us all. Every dollar we spend on a case can be multiplied up to six times in legal impacts thanks to the generosity of top volunteer attorneys around the nation who partner with us to represent our clients at no charge.

Or donate by Texting “Ambassador” to 474747

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