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First Liberty sent a letter to the Honey Grove School District clearly explaining the numerous provisions of the U.S. Constitution, U.S. Supreme Court decisions, and U.S. Department of Education guidelines that protect students’ rights to pray during non-instructional times at school. Read the letter here. (insert link)

“Students should not have to hide or be exiled to pray for each other,” said Keisha Russell, Associate Counsel for First Liberty Institute.” Russell continued, “School officials need to remember that students don’t lose their First Amendment rights at the school house gate. We’re hoping this issue can be resolved quickly and easily.”


Hannah Allen is an eighth grade student at Honey Grove Middle School in Honey Grove, TX. In early September 2018, Hannah and a group of other students decided to pray for one of their former classmates who had recently been in an accident. During lunch when students are permitted to talk and move around the cafeteria, the students walked to an empty table, held hands, and quietly prayed with one another. Almost immediately after, Principal Lee Frost, walked over to the students and told them in response to the student-initiated, student-led prayer, “ya’ll don’t do that again.”

The next day Principal Frost told Hannah and the group of students that they could only pray if they went on the cafeteria’s stage behind the curtain, outside of the school building, or in the gym while no one was present. In other words, the students were told that they could not pray in view of the other students. Currently, Hannah and her friends are continuing to pray every day at lunch either in the gym, if no one is in it, or outside, if the weather permits.

Soon after receiving correspondence from First Liberty, school officials corrected their policy and students, including Hannah, are now allowed to pray in front of other students as long as it is not disruptive of normal school activities.

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To The American Legion:

As a grateful citizen, I support your effort to honor those who have fallen in battle and to keep the Bladensburg WWI Veterans Memorial standing as a visible reminder of valor, sacrifice, endurance, and devotion.

Veterans memorials like the one in Bladensburg, MD are symbols reminding us of the sacrifice of our service members and the cost of war. Tearing down the Bladensburg Memorial would erase the memory of the 49 fallen heroes of Prince George’s County—like they never even existed.

We cannot allow the Bladensburg Memorial to be bulldozed.

Please know that you have my support and backing in your petition to the U.S. Supreme Court.