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Gunna Headshot1

Gunna Kristofersdottir

January 30, 2024

CVS’s new “woke” policy renders its religious employees second class citizens.

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Sweet Cakes by Melissa | First Liberty

Sweet Cakes by Melissa Case

January 30, 2024

State of Oregon makes bakers pay $135,000 for operating bakery according to their faith

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Stop Corporate Cancel Culture | First Liberty

Alaska Airlines

January 17, 2024

Two former Alaska Airlines flight attendants file federal lawsuit after facing religious discrimination.

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Phillycityhall Empty Crop

Rachel Spivack

November 29, 2023

A Philadelphia city prosecutor was fired after being denied a religious accommodation to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

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Valerie Kloosterman | First Liberty

Valerie Kloosterman

September 21, 2023

Michigan Physician Assistant fired for her beliefs.

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Tobias Rehbein Mjwzx7u Q78 Unsplash

Fire Chief Ron Hittle

September 12, 2023

Fire Chief fired for attending a leadership conference at a church

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